About Stanleyalbert

Hello my fellow sensory lovers !

My name is Genevieve & I am the creator and owner of Stanleyalbert. I’ve been lucky enough to be blessed with two beautiful boys Harvey & Harrison, who are my everything. 
Currently I am on maternity leave from primary school teaching, which I have been doing for close to ten years. 

My passion is obviously working with children, more specifically creating fun and engaging experiences and teachings that they will take with them throughout their lives. 

I feel so strongly about my little project Stanelyalbert. After being on maternity leave with my first son and in close succession having my second , I realised I wanted to make play & learning fun yet purposeful for them without having to rely heavily on screen time, which I’m sure we can all agree on that in this day and age we do too often. 
I began experimenting with lots of different containers, playdoh recipes ( which took a while to perfect ) dyed and dyed and dyed some more rice , searched high and low for the perfect sensory materials that would ultimately provide children with a really unique experience and asked for ALOT or feedback from family and friends. Once I began sending these kits out to friends and family the feedback I got was AMAZING and I was given the confidence I needed to launch... Stanleyalbert! 

Sensory play opens so many possibilities for little ones such as Cognitive growth, Development of fine and gross motor skills, Calming anxious or frustrated children, Teaching children sensory attributes - for instance wet/dry, dark/light, rough/smooth and enhances their ability to memorise. 

Every child will respond differently to sensory activities. There's no one size fits all. It's worth trying different sensory play activities and materials to see which best suits your child’s needs and temperament and this is why I’ve created sensory kits with different themes which all contain different pieces of sensory materials because I wanted to cater to all children and their wonderful uniqueness. 

I really hope you enjoy these kits as much as I have enjoyed creating them for your little ones. I appreciate the support from all my customers and can’t wait to see what amazing creations your little ones create !